Crispin Swank is a lifelong creator and collaborator with an incurable imagination.  After earning degrees in classical guitar performance and politics from Oberlin College and Conservatory in 2014, he moved to Boston and honed his pedagogical acumen with a private studio and traditional classroom work. Crispin works with students of all ages and skill levels, which set the stage for the development of a straightforward and practical pedagogical perspective: meet students where they are, show them where they could go, together chart a course, and begin a new adventure. 


Do you hear me now?

Crispin's first EP is an invitation to all dreamers to seek refuge in a landscape that is quixotic yet meditative, illuminated but obscure with slowly unfolding endless streams of melody. The music gathers will from Radiohead, Joanna Newsom, and Troubadour songs and crystalize into wayward harmonic turns and unexpected apparitions.



by Crispin Swank

Alive and In Person


       AUGUST 17, 8 PM                                              MAGNOLIA LOFT»JAMAICA PLAIN, MA

 AUGUST 28, 10 PM                                              Tres Gatos»Jamaica Plain, Ma